Taking care of your teeth and gums can be easy with a minor commitment of time each morning and evening. This routine, coupled with good eating habits and regular check-ups with Dr. Partrick can greatly reduce one's risk for cavities and gum disease.

Proper oral hygiene is best accomplished by flossing once a day, and brushing twice a day. There is no set time one should floss, in the morning or evening is fine. One should brush once in the morning and once in the evening. Most people reading this already know this, but techniques are important.

When it comes to oral hygiene, one should remember the goal, and that is removal of dental plaque. Dental plaque, a very sticky substance that can grab onto natural teeth as well as most dental fillings, is really no more than a mixture of many types of oral bacteria. Coupled with sugars in the diet and other factors, it will cause dental decay. So removal of plaque with the tooth brush and floss decreases the risk! What is important to note is that one should never "hammer"  their teeth and gums. Too much pressure with the tooth brush can cause gum recession and scrubbing away of healthy tooth structure. So, softly brush those teeth. Technique is important!

Plaque can also cause gum disease. Again, technique with the floss is important in adequately removing this group of bacteria, to reduce the dreaded gingivitis! In a slightly different manner, oral bacteria cause inflammation of the gums, and in some cases, can lead to loss of bone that surrounding the tooth!

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