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Discover our complete implant restoration services with dental implant restoration in Arlington, VA.

Dr. Partrick provides complete dental implant restorative services to patients in Arlington and beyond. Implants continue to revolutionize the dental industry, and the dental office of Dr. Jeremiah N. Partrick, Jr. remains on the cutting edge of implant restorative technology. Dr. Partrick will work with your surgeon to provide you with the highest quality implant abutment and crown and bridge—a type of restoration that replaces single to multiple missing teeth. Implants are bone-like coated screws that are surgically placed in the bone, in areas where teeth have been removed or space is available. Best of all, implants not only restore your bite but improve your smile. They also provide excellent long-term maintenance and durability, and patients who have implant-supported dentures attest to their great staying power.
For your dental implant needs, depend on Dr. Partrick and our friendly and professional staff to guide you in the right direction. We will ensure that your implants are quite natural and fit in beautifully with your other teeth. We also take pride in always ensuring your safety and comfort.

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